Forgive the Radio Silence

I learned an important lesson this past summer: don’t start a new blog while taking calculus. Over the summer semester — which is eight weeks long by the way — I took Anatomy & Physiology I and pre-calculus. I followed that up with Anatomy & Physiology II and calculus in the fall. Hence the lack of posts on this here blog.

My A&P courses were fantastic, and I can’t wait to share some interesting fun facts and study tips with you all. Calculus, on the other hand, was a nightmare. I’m not mathematically inclined, but two semesters of calc helped me discover a new-found appreciation for algebra. Oh, how I miss solving for x!

But I’m not here to rant about sine and cosine. Consider this my warm-up post. I hope to spend a lot more time writing here in 2015, especially since I’ll (hopefully) be starting a brand new bachelors program in August to become a radiography technician. In the meantime, tune in soon for posts about autopsy seminars, must-hear medical podcasts, and more!

Celebrate Skull Appreciation Day With A DIY Skeleton Toy

Did you know that yesterday was Skull Appreciation Day? Why is this you may ask? It’s because Skull-A-Day (one of my favorite anatomy-themed websites, by the way) launched on June 4, 2007. And thus, every June 4th has been dubbed Skull Appreciation Day by its fans.

To honor this momentous occasion, the awesome people behind Skull-A-Day have shared this wonderful DIY skeleton toy that you can print out and create at home. There’s some assembly required — you can download the instructional PDF here.