A Possible Change of Plans

It looks like plans are changing, again. The program I’ve spent the last two years working toward has changed from certification to a full bachelors degree. As a result, a last-minute pre-requisite was added and the tuition increased five-fold. It seems, from where I’m standing, that the curriculum will stay the same and the only thing changing is the piece of paper I’ll receive after two years. To me, that doesn’t justify the price hike. It’s disheartening to say the least.

A friend told me that it seemed like the universe was putting up road blocks because it had something else, something better perhaps in store for me. I didn’t believe her at the time, but a few weeks later I had a conversation with a mentor of mine and he told me about a pathology assistant program that I might be interested in. I had no idea that this existed, so I’m very excited about the possibility of enrolling. Pathology is more along the lines of what I’m interested in, since Medical Examiner was my initial goal.

The downside, at least for right now, is that I need a bachelors degree to be eligible for the pathology program. Bummer. So I’m looking into a bachelors of science in biology at a nearby university. If I can finish that in two years or less, and spend significantly less money on tuition in the process, then I will strongly consider that route. I’m just not sure I’ll enjoy two years in biology more than radiography. Unfortunately, I won’t have enough information to make my decision for another couple of months.

Until then, I’ll continue researching options and try to keep my spirits up. I don’t do change very well and when everything is out of my control I get itchy. The good news is that I’m almost done with my current semester and I will graduate in less than two months. Counting down the days!

Unrelated, I dug out some of my favorite anatomy and medical-related books from storage this past weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about them! Stay tuned.

Forgive the Radio Silence

I learned an important lesson this past summer: don’t start a new blog while taking calculus. Over the summer semester — which is eight weeks long by the way — I took Anatomy & Physiology I and pre-calculus. I followed that up with Anatomy & Physiology II and calculus in the fall. Hence the lack of posts on this here blog.

My A&P courses were fantastic, and I can’t wait to share some interesting fun facts and study tips with you all. Calculus, on the other hand, was a nightmare. I’m not mathematically inclined, but two semesters of calc helped me discover a new-found appreciation for algebra. Oh, how I miss solving for x!

But I’m not here to rant about sine and cosine. Consider this my warm-up post. I hope to spend a lot more time writing here in 2015, especially since I’ll (hopefully) be starting a brand new bachelors program in August to become a radiography technician. In the meantime, tune in soon for posts about autopsy seminars, must-hear medical podcasts, and more!